Author Topic: Why Choose Vmobile Loadxtreme Over Traditional Loading Businesses  (Read 912 times)

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Why Choose Vmobile Loadxtreme Over Traditional Loading Businesses

Small starting capital to start but fast ROI -  P300 for retailers and 3,988 for dealers.
You can earn up to 12% as a retailer (Technouser)
You can earn up to 14% as a dealer (Technopreneur)
Utilizing only one SIM card and one cellphone you are able to sell loads to all available Philippine networks such as Sun, Smart, Globe, TM, Red Mobile etc.
You can sell more than 300 prepaid products like: prepaid loads in online games
vmobile loading products

(E-Games, GAME Club etc); prepaid Internet cards (PLDT Vibe, Surf, Blast, Click etc.); prepaid broadband cards (Smartbro, Globe Wireless, Sun Wireless etc.).

There is no more need for physical inventory. Vmobile has an online automated accounting system.
The ability to sell through the Internet using the online loading system.
In case of loss on phone your load wallet is safe in the Loadextreme system.
All transaction are automatically recorded by LX system to your online account. You can easily load, reload and transfer load, monitor all the in and outs of your load wallet. | Your smart guide to money matters and entrepreneurship.

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