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BDO Easy Investment Plan - An Excellent Investment For Filipinos Overseas
An excellent investment that suitable for Overseas Filipino Workers is the BDO Easy Investment Plan being offered by BDO Unibank, Inc.

The BDO Easy Investment Plan is an investment scheme developed by BDO Trust and Investment Group where an investor can invest in the different BDO unit investment trust fund he chooses and will be funded through regular intervals from his BDO deposit account.

This BDO deposit account is the settlement account declared by the investor in his EIP Application form and can be either a savings, checking or payroll account maintained with any BDO servicing branch.

In the said scheme, the investor can choose among the BDO UITF products he wishes to invest with. Among the UITF products that are available through the BDO EIP program are the following:

BDO Equity Fund – minimum of P1,000.00 per contribution
BDO Peso Balanced Fund – minimum of P1,000 per contribution
BDO Peso Fixed Income Fund – minimum of P1,000 per contribution
BDO Peso Money Market Fund – minimum of P10,000 per contribution

The BDO EIP account will be funded automatically from the investor’s settlement account through the auto debit facility of BDO. The investor can choose the debit interval and the amount that will be deducted from his savings account. The schedule of contributions can be chosen from a frequency of once or twice a month.

Every time the amount reaches the UITF minimum investment amount, it will spin-off into a regular UITF contribution and will be added into the investors UITF portfolio.

For OFWs interested to invest with BDO Easy Investment Plan, we would recommend for you to consider the following steps:

Ask yourself what is your objective in investing. It could either be a long term or a short term goal. It would help if you read PISO Ni Juan articles about UITF to get you acquainted about unit investment trust funds.
Choose which among the BDO unit investment trust funds will suit your investment objectives and your risk tolerance. Please note that a high yielding UITF is a riskier investment compared to a lower risk investment which is also lower in possible returns.
Plan your activities during your annual vacation in the Philippines. Include in your main activities to open your BDO Easy Investment Plan account. Download from the BDO website the BDO EIP documentations and forms for you to familiarize. Print these forms and fill it out and bring these with you when you open your EIP participation with any servicing branch of BDO Unibank, Inc.
During your vacation, go to the nearest BDO branch in your area. Open an account with BDO either a passbook, ATM or a checking account. This account will be your settlement account for your BDO Easy Investment Plan. Don’t forget to bring two sets of 1x1 ID picture and two government-issued identification cards. Ask the bank representative to enroll your account in the online banking facility for you to be able to monitor your remittance transfers with your account through the internet.
Go to the Trust and Investment Group representative and inform him that you wanted to participate in the BDO Easy Investment Plan.You can present to the representative the BDO EIP Application form and the three types of Client Suitability Assessment forms (IPQ, CIS, RDS) that you filled out recently.You can have your wife as your co-investor of your EIP investment. With this, she can do the necessary things you cannot do physically because you are stationed abroad.Once your BDO Easy Investment Plan is set, ask the representative how you can monitor your investments through the online facilities of BDO Unibank, Inc.
Once you’re back in your workstation abroad, enroll your settlement account with your remittance bank for your fund transfers. Monitor from your BDO online banking account the transfer activities in relation with your settlement account.
When you reached the spin-off amount, your contribution will become a regular investment in your UITF portfolio and will be documented with a Confirmation of Participation (COP). Your co-investor (which is your wife, in this case) can pick-up the COP from your BDO servicing branch. The BDO UITF Easy Investment Plan spin-off amounts are the following:

BDO Equity Fund – P10,000
BDO Peso Balanced Fund – P10,000
BDO Peso Fixed Income Fund – P10,000
BDO Peso Money Market Fund – P100,000
Please note of the number of units of participation credited to your investment and the prevailing Net Asset Value per unit (NAVPU) when your contribution was made with the fund.

You will use these data to monitor the investment returns or yields of your investments. Every spin-off of your contribution will reflect different NAVPU so you need to take note of these for your returns calculation later.

In case that you wanted to track the fund performance of your investment, you can visit the BDO Unibank, Inc. website.

Credits: bdo dot com dot ph | Your smart guide to money matters and entrepreneurship.

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