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may referral din pala ang bitcoin sign up. makapag sign up nga rin hehehe.
How do I Buy Bitcoin in the Philippines
Bitcoin is an electronic money or virtual money. Popular platform is the they were accredited by the Central Bank of the Philippines. If you want to get into this with me, download the app, sign-up for an account, and use my referral code so you get Php50 in your wallet after you get validated.

Once you have setup your account, There are several options to “load” your wallet with pesos so that you can convert it to Bitcoin. You just tap the “Cash In” option on the app and then pick which way you want to load it up. You input the amount and then you’ll get instructions how to do it. For 7-11 it’s straightforward. The app will give you a bar code and you jsut have to go to 7-11, show the bar code, and pay. It instantly appears on your wallet.

Here are the current available options on the app:

Cebuana Lhuillier
M Lhuillier
Online Bank Transfer (BPI, Security Bank, UnionBank)
Over the Counter Bank (Chinabank, UnionBank, BPI)
Remittance Center (Bayad Center, Cebuna Lhullier, LBC Bills Xpress, M Lhuillier E Pay)
Malls (Robinson’s and SM Business Centers via DragonPay)

If you want no fees, you can go with UnionBank. If you want convenience, you can go with 7-11 but they have a modest fee that you pay for. I’ve tried using 7-11 and Online Bank Transfer via BPI and DragonPay. Both worked.

After loading with pesos, convert them to Bitcoin. The app will show the Peso Value of the Bitcoin almost in real time.

Is There a Minimum to Buy Bitcoin via
No but I suggest you guys load at least Php500 to see how it works so you can appreciate how it works and learn as much as you can from it.

Did I Make Money on Bitcoin?
I bought Bitcoin when it was in the 1 BC = $7,000 USD. It’s now nearing 1 BC = $10,000 USD.

How do I Withdraw my Bitcoin into Cash?
Just tap the Cash Out option and you can “withdraw” cash via Cebuana Lhuillier, Security Bank, GCash, Banks, and Cash Cards. There’s also an option for Cash Pickup via Remittance Centers and even Door-to-Door Delivery.

Do We Recommend Buying Bitcoin?
Yes, but only an amount that you can consider lost. Think of it as tuition fee to learn what you can about it. Don’t throw in all your savings in it. Just put in an amount you can consider lost, learn what you can, and then put in more only when you’re comfortable with it. Always remember that there are risks involved.
usong uso nga eto... paano ba eto gamitin?
Guys, have you used BitCoin? How do you use it?

lagi ko etong naririnig ano nga ba eto?
Credit Cards and Promos / ACER Launches Holiday Campaign With SM
« Last post by Ken312 on December 05, 2017, 01:45:01 PM »
ACER Launches Holiday Campaign With SM

Get as much as Php 5,000 with every ACER Computer purchase
This Holiday season, ACER partners with The SM Store for their #MalayangPasko campaign. In addition to getting Jennylyn Mercado and JM de Guzman, their campaign also lets those who buy ACER laptops and desktops to avail of gift certificates that can be used at any SM Store. The promo is as follows:


Php 5,000 worth of GCs for every i7-powered laptop or desktop purchased

Php 3,000 worth of GCs for every i5-powered laptop or desktop purchased

Guys, have you used BitCoin? How do you use it?
Chit Chat - Anything goes / Do you think this is worth buying?
« Last post by WorldPerksPH on November 27, 2017, 12:13:29 AM »
Do you think this is worth buying?

Stocks and Stocks Trading / Re: CITISECONLINE
« Last post by CodeRepublic on November 26, 2017, 11:43:45 PM »
This is now called COLFINANCIAL

Stocks and Stocks Trading / STOCK MARKET PICK REVIEW : GLO GLOBE Updates
« Last post by RichPoorDad on November 22, 2017, 09:44:52 AM »

GLO is one of the two major telecommunications compnay in the Philippines. Globe operates under two major segments - wireless and fixed line. Under the wireless segment, the company has two brands, namely Globe and Touch Mobile. Meanwhile, the fixed line segment of GLO provides broadband internet connections to houses and offices nationwide.

Competitive environment less intense Competition in the telcom industries has become less intense over the past quarters and is expected to remain stable in the next quarters. ARPUs for both telcos has started to stabilize and no new price disruptive promos has been released in the market. Additionally,
subisidy costs and marketing expenses has been on a continuous downtrend, signalling the shift in focus to profitability from previously grabbing market share. Fixed line segment to drive growth in near term GLO’s fixed line segment has shown significant growth over the past few quarters. Moving forward, we expect growth of the fixed line segment to remain strong primarily due to the strong demand for fast internet connections in homes and offices. The company targets to pass through 2.0Mil homes by 2020 from only 400,000 currently as only around 5.0Mil homes currently have fast internet connections. Additionally, GLO up-sells their services to their current customer base by offering them higher speed allocation or bundled plans (subscriptions to Netflix, NBA Live, HOOQ, etc.). This effectively increases the ARPU and helps grow the segment’s revenues faster. Increasing share of data to help business turnaround GLO’s data revenue during 1Q17 already passed through the half way point and now accounts for more than half of its total service revenues. With data now accounting for more than half of total revenues, the drag from legacy businesses should be much less. Although GLO’s revenues have been growing consistently, the risk of revenues falling has diminished significantly.
Sa mga members po dito na mahilig din sa mga Multilevel marketing businesses, ask ko lang po sana... baka may technique kayo na pwedeng maishare para maparami ang mga downlines like ano ba dapat ang mga ginagawa para mapalago pa ang business natin sa Multilevel marketing.... Think of this as a our thread to improve ourselves.. share share po tayo.. meron ba kayong pwedeng mashare?

Hmmm.. maganda gumawa ka ng network mo through social media. madami naman available.
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