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MUST READ ARTICLE... INTERESTING... REMEMBER, The stock market can be a roller coaster ride.

No such thing as “luck” in the stock market !
by:Aurelio A. Pena / Goldelyonn Fund Management

There’s NO such thing as “luck” in the stock market.

If you lose money in stocks, that isn’t “bad luck”.


            Many people who “invest” in stocks all over the world and lost millions are simply,

complete IDIOTS. Bad luck didn’t hit them—  it’s simply, stupidity.

         When you do something you don’t understand, you will lose. You won’t even know

what hit you when you lose money in the stock market.

           And those who lose money in stocks, are people who think that the stock market is

just “gambling” and make “bets” on companies recommended to them by their brokers.

          The moment you start treating the stock market as “gambling” you’re sure to lose

your money and you’ll blame it all on “bad luck”

          That’s why it’s so important for people to understand the stock market as a market

place for companies seeking capital from investors ( banks, insurance firms, pension funds,

investment banks, mutual funds, small investors, etc) for their expansion plans and

operating capital.

          If companies think borrowing from commercial banks is just too costly for them,

they’ll go to the stock market and offer to sell some of the ownership to investors.

          That “ownership” is represented by a unit called “shares of stock”.  This is the stock

that you buy as “investment” in that company— and later sell when its price gives you a nice

         Stock trading must be treated like a BUSINESS. When you start buying and selling

stocks for profits, it’s the same thing as buying and selling corn, copra, or rice to make

profits— and make your savings and retirement fund grow bigger.

           It’s a decent, honest and serious way to make a living. As long as you know exactly

what you’re doing, as a stock trader, you can build your savings over the coming months this

 year and multiply it 2X or 3X just by buying and selling stocks in short durations of 2

weeks, 5 weeks to three months piling up profits of 20% to 40%.

            Don’t approach stock trading as gambling— otherwise you’ll lose your savings and

investments. Learn the basics of stock trading in the stock market so you’ll know exactly

what to do— how to pick winning stocks,  how to cut your losses, how to read stock charts,

how to spot trends, how to buy at right time, how to sell and take profits, etc | Your smart guide to money matters and entrepreneurship.

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