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GTCAP is the primary vehicle for the holding and management of the diversified business interest of the Ty family. It holds interest in banking through Metrobank (MBT) - the country’s second largest bank in terms of assets, loans, and branches - and automotive assembly and distribution through Toyoto Motor Phil - the leading automotive company in the Philippines. In addition, it also has a stake in propery developement (Federal Land and Profriends), infrastructure and utilities (MPI), and insurance (AXA).

Well positioned to capitalize on favorable economic outlook. GTCAP is well positioned to capitalize on the country’s positive economic outlook. With its large interests in cyclical industries such as banking, automotive, property, and insurance, GTCAP is expected to benefit from the continued rise in per capita GDP. Its stake in MPI also allows the company to participate in the governement’s aggressive infrastructure program.

TMP continues to lead the motorization phase. TMP remains the dominant automotive company in the Philippines, consistently posting the highest sales figures in the industry since 2002. Given its market
leading position, it stands to benefit from the continued motorization of the country. Based on the experiences of other neighboring country, the Philippines is said to be undergoing a motorization phase as GDP per capita continues to move past the USD2,500 level (first breached in 2012).

MBT to benefit from the growing demand for loans. Metrobank is expected to be one of the major beneficiaries of growing demand for loans given its position as the second largest bank in terms of assets, loans, and branches. Aside from the advantage brought about by its size, Metrobank has a strong balance sheet, with an NPL ratio of only 0.9% and and NPL cover of 113%. Its CET 1 ratio is also high at 12.5% as of end 2016, above the the BSP’s minimum requirement of 11%
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